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Caporal, Jumabieke finish at RUFF 6, qualify for 2013 Super Fight

on 05 November 2012 Tags: recap, RUFF 6

1aaa_RUFF6_3HOHHOT, China – It was a night of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at RUFF 6, as 7 of 11 fights ended via submission, 5 within the first round.

Lightweight Rodrigo Caporal stormed out of the gates in the MMA H.E.A.T. Main Event, taking opponent Arthit Hanchana straight to the ground in all three rounds. Caporal dominated from the mount and side control, catching Hanchana in a deep head arm choke in the first, but the Thai fighter managed to escape, and take the fight into the second stanza.

Hanchana tried to create some distance at the beginning of the second, firing off an ill-timed spinning kick, which landed directly in Caporal’s hand. The Brazilian then went on to spend the majority of the round laying down hammer fists from the mount and attempting to secure an armbar. Hanchana eluded defeat yet another time, sending the match into the final frame.

In the third it was all Caporal, who took the fight back to the mat, and secured a head arm choke, forcing Hanchana to tapout at 1:48. Caporal improves to 4-0 inside the RUFF cage, punching his ticket to the 2013 RMB 1,000,000 Super Fight. Hanchana falls to 2-1.

“I was surprised because I try for choke, and he defended very well,” commented Caporal. “He’s very good at stand up, very good Muay Thai, [so] I go with my best game, Jiu Jitsu. "Ating" has [better] Jiu Jitsu [than my previous opponents], two, three times I go for choke and don’t get it, I pass guard, I was surprised.”


Also heading to the 2013 Super Fight is bantamweight Jumabieke Tuerxun, who, for the third time in his RUFF career, finished an opponent inside the first round, putting Zhang YongQiang to sleep with a textbook Von Flue choke at the 1:30 mark.

Caught in a guillotine, Jumabieke landed a few body shots, before the two fighters went down to the ground. Unable to escape from Zhang’s guillotine attempt, Jumabieke forced the fight to the cage wall, where he employed the rarely used shoulder choke.

With the victory, Jumabieke improves to 5-0, tying the RUFF win record.

“Our ground coach Vaughn Anderson showed me that one last week,” commented Jumabieke. “My Jiu Jitsu is getting much better. I feel really good.”

Flyweight Liu PingYuan scored his second straight split decision win and fourth straight overall, edging the previously undefeated Shang ZhiFa, 29-28, 28-29, 29-28, in the RUFF 6 “MMA H.E.A.T. Fight of the Night.”

Early in the first round, PingYuan landed significant strikes to Shang’s head and body, before falling to the mat when Shang threw him against the cage wall. PingYuan then attempted armbar and triangle, but Shang retained the dominant position, landing punches of his own. 

1aaa_RUFF6_7Returning to his feet after kicking Shang aside, PingYuan ultimately saved the round, scoring a takedown of his own and attempting a guillotine before the closing bell.

Shang controlled much of the second round on the ground, avoiding repeated armbar and triangle attempts, while connecting on a handful of hammer fists that opened up a cut on PingYuan’s forehead. Again PingYuan was able to return to his feet, connecting on a flying knee to the body, followed by a clean punch to the head.

Before the third round, doctors inspected PingYuan’s laceration, determining that he was indeed able to continue, and so the final frame played out much like the previous two, with Shang scoring an early takedown, and PingYuan attempting submissions off his back.

Absorbing a barrage of hammer fists from Shang, PingYuan returned to his feet, landing crisp shots to the head. PingYuan then took Shang to the mat to unload an onslaught of elbows and knees to the body from the north-south position.

Liu PingYuan improves to 4-2 inside the RUFF cage, and qualifies for the 2013 RMB 1,000,000 Super Fight. Shang ZhiFa drops to 2-1.

“Of my opponent tonight, his skills on the ground are excellent, his stand up is good his ground is good, so my coach and I created a directed training schedule for my opponent,” explained PingYuan. “I worked a little bit more on wrestling and takedowns, while continuing to work on my striking.”

1aaa_RUFF6_8One more Super Fight contestant was announced after RUFF 6, as undefeated featherweight Wang Guan was on hand to corner hisXi’An Sports Universityteammates and accept his invitation to fight at China’s first MMA National Championship event.

While Wang’s opponent has yet to be determined, Wu ChengJieis making a solid case, delivering a second straight dominating performance inside the RUFF cage, forcing Zhao EriDeMuTu to tapout just 2:20 into the first round.

Wu wasted no time, landing heavy strikes to the head and body before taking Zhao to the ground, where he connected on a few more shots. Unable to improve his position, Zhao was out muscled by Wu, who pressured with a smothering attack, securing the head arm choke.

“Our relationship is good outside the cage,” explained Wu, about having to fight his good friend Zhao. “We chat when we’re not in the cage, but tonight it was just about this sport, this fight.”

With RUFF 7 already set for December 22 at Nanjing’s WuTaiShan Stadium, a handful of Super Fight hopefuls continued to load up their resumes with impressive finishes.

1aaa_RUFF6_9Bantamweight Irshaad Sayedbattled back from an early takedown and ankle lock attempt by Xue GuoBin to secure position, before letting his fists fly and earn the TKO victory at 3:24 in the first round. 

Completely turtled over, Xue showed no attempt to defend Sayed’s punishing strikes, forcing referee Jerin Valel to put a stop to the contest.

Sayed’s record inside the RUFF cage now stands at 3-1, while Xue falls to 0-4, with one no contest.

Flyweight Zhang MeiXuan forced Amu RiJiRiGaLa to tapout via heel hook at 3:45 in round one to earn his second RUFF win.

After both fighters failed to land head kicks, Amu scored a takedown, connecting on several shots to Zhang’s head and body. With no real damage done, Zhang quickly went to work off his back, contorting Amu’s foot for the victory.

At 2-1 inside the RUFF cage, Zhang now joins Shang ZhiFa, Liu LianJie, and Cui LiuCai, who topped Yang Liang at RUFF 6 via armbar, as flyweights with two wins. Amu drops to 3-2.

“We’re getting that much closer to the Super Fight. We’re getting closer to the money, closer to championship belts,” added RUFF co-founder and CEO Joel Resnick. “The fighter’s quality is going through roof.  I’m really happy about it, I knew it was gonna happen . . . the level is going up really high. 

The RUFF Super Fight series now continues on December 22, with six spots in the 2013 Championship event still remaining.

November 3, 2012
Inner Mongolia Indoor Stadium
Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China

Lü ZhenHong def. Bao YinNa via tapout (armbar)    Rd. 1, 3:05*
Cui LiuCai def. Yang Liang via verbal tapout (armbar) Rd. 1, 2:07
Zheng JunFeng def. Wen JunCheng via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Irshaad Sayed def. Xue GuoBin via TKO (ref stoppage no defense), Rd. 1, 3:24
Jumabieke Tuerxun def. Zhang YongQiang via submission (Von Flue Choke) Rd. 1, 1:30
Wu ChengJie def. Zhao EriDeMuTu via tapout (head arm choke) Rd., 1 2:20
Liu PingYuan def. Shang ZhiFa via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)***
Rodrigo Caporal def. Arhit Hanchana via tapout (head arm choke) Rd., 3 1:48
Zhang MeiXuan def.    Amu RiJiRiGaLa def tapout (heel hook) Rd. 1, 3:45
Yuan ChunBo def. Sandro da Silva def tapout (kneebar) Rd. 2, 4:43**
Kong HanDong vs. Jonathan Paulson no decision (unintentional kick to groin) Rd. 1, 2:32

*Hohhot BJJ Submission of the Night
** Ducati Submission of the Night
*** MMA H.E.A.T. Fight of the Night

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04. April, 2014 |

great fight!!!



22. October, 2012 |

RUFF puts on some good fights. Send a fighter to the UFC



22. October, 2012 |

I like how your fight cards always have blood on them. nice touch

little eval

little eval

22. October, 2012 |

The main event is sick. I'd put my money on that Thai kid any day of the week. Yeah, Brazilians are tough, but every third one of them is...



22. October, 2012 |

Wang Guan has less votes than da Silva? What's up with that? Gotta show some love for my Chinese brotha! He's gonna whoop that ass again...



04. April, 2011 |

I'm a looking and I'm a liking.
Check out that tall drink of water on the far left.

killer kane

killer kane

28. February, 2011 |

Tie Quan straight up demolished Reinhardt with that nasty guillotine choke; boy's got skills for sure.